Free Retread.

Last year, with the best of intentions, we collected/collated/assembled 9 merry songs from our archives.  And a few fantastic friends kicked in some gems for good measure.  Lo, as any musician worth their salt might, we released it just in time for the holiday season to be over.  So whatever... we are re-treading this worthy endeavour for the final days of the aughts.

Download the complete LP [320kbps MP3, 64mb - art & all]

From Romantic Air Recording Company: We decided to spread a little joy & mirth in a world of increasing anxiety & consternation the only way we know how: A holiday compilation! CHRISTMAS PARTY features seasonal tracks from The 1900s, new Le Grand Magistery signees Computer Perfection, RAR Artists Sa Sevol and Buttermilk Daydream, and PAN!C {of Johnny Headband}. Another strangely seductive highlight: A debut by AUNT BERU & THE JUICERS with their version of Here Comes Santa Claus . The entire album, including print-quality sleeve art, is free.

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