Green Light Go gives us the Hi 5

“Fermenting in a Brach’s mix of the sound made by 1970’s knockoff guitars, dinner parties, loose lips, obsolete synthesizers, film nights, familial relics, analog delay, morning coffee, [and] the strangely colored matter made when a male voice brushes against its female counterpart,” Detroit’s psychedelic synthpop outfit Computer Perfection began as a means to and end. Several years ago, during one of Pas/Cal's many extended hiatuses, the now husband and wife duo Gene Corduroy and Amy Bem returned to Michigan from New York City to buy a home, start a family, and relish in the American Dream. Upon arriving in Ferndale, MI, the couple called on an old friend, Nathaniel F.H. Burgundy IV, to fill out the trio and contribute to the band’s yearlong recording collaboration. Weaving literary references with krautrock influences, Computer Perfection more recently expanded with the addition of drummer Alex Trajano and former Scarlet Oaks frontman Stevers McFever, prior to releasing a free, downloadable version of the The Merry Microbes EP in August of 2011.

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