Domestic Amusements

Another twinkle in LTD’s eye entered the trail of the lonesome pine, passed through an ivy-covered trellis, proceeding (unlooked for though not unwelcome) in through the back door. Down the steps past overturned hat boxes, ancient cartons of merchandise sharing shelf space with the food pantry, and over an oft-used treadmill having trouble folding upright in its old age. Thus sprung the new song ‘Domestic Amusements’, a minute and a half of blissful future memories.

When the well runs dry and the plants are picked clean ~ every little creature has taken a picture, leaving a footprint a footstep stamped across your back

I'm an alien come up from the sea hovering covering shiny collections of idling engines, so gentlemen start your dreams.

I fell into you one midsummer's night as flowers in fossils bloomed at night; my bedroom light was dark and golden-eyed. Beyond time and sleep in a silver web, acts of creation and of destruction cross your heart as I hope to try.