Voyeur Surly Try

Load-in / Le Petit Zinc

After selecting a fine bottle of Palo Alto at University Foods, we head to Le Petit Zinc for an early dinner. I’m a total sucker for French restaurants, have been since Bem & I lived across the street from Lucien. We order the Ratatouille, a Salad Nicoise, Assiette de Charcuterie (cold cuts, goose liver pâté and cornichons) and the Jambon et Fromage Crepe. The pâté was the biggest winner. And we took a Nutela Crepe to go.

Banana Jamz

I started the night off with a couple rounds of Bananagrams, courtesy of the fine folks in Very Truly Yours. Katie teamed up with me, but we were not a match for bassist Dan and his amazing wordsmith skills. Yeah he had the skills. All in all, I think our 2nd performance was pretty ok. It was certainly fun to be on stage… and PJ & crew were as kind as can be. Sound was better than I remember. The old Lager has really cleaned up (soap dispenser, paper towel, door on stall, stinky carpet gone) while maintaining the essence of Dive we always loved.

Ghost Ride the Miracle Whip

We opt for a border run this time on the way home. But they forgot Burgundy’s Tostada, screwed in the drive-thru. We end the evening with a quick Ghost Ride down Pinecrest to celebrate two shows in the can.

Album Cover.

Thank you to Andy Taray at ohioboy.com for the awesome packaging and design... can't wait to share the whole thing. Thank you to Le Grand Magistery for putting out our record !