Talk about TAPE DELAY!

Computer Perfection is seeking to warm your hearts in these the early days of 2021* with a pair of our favorite love songs: "This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody)" by The Talking Heads & "In The Land of Make Believe" by Burt Bacharach & Hal David.

To maximize the love rays, we enlisted a group dubbed The Camelot Six: Carey Gustafson (Outrageous Cherry, Serenity Court), Emily Gustafson (Serenity Court), Adam Pierce (Mother Whale, The Meadowlarks), Dave Lawson (The Pop Project, The Sights), Scott Masson (office, The Juliets), Dan Demaggio (Data Demaggio, Coyote Clean Up) & Angela Duncan. The lot of us stripped down & just let those good vibes flow! Listen & love, cos it's all you need.

*These sessions were committed to actual tape in actual 2009, and were thought to be lost to time. Alas, we have luckily found the cartridges in a musty-dusty shoe box, reassembled the data and restored the recordings to their original murky-quirky patina.

Recording session photos below...