A Gift from Computer Perfection to you!

Hello & happy holidays!

We've decided to spread a little joy & mirth in a world of increasing anxiety & consternation the only way we know how: A CHRISTMAS COMPILATION!

CHRISTMAS PARTY features seasonal tracks from The 1900s, new Le Grand Magistery signees Computer Perfection {featuring 4 members of PAS/CAL}, Romantic Air Recording Co. artists Sa Sevol and Buttermilk Daydream, and PAN!C {also of PAS/CAL pedigree}.

Another highlight: A debut by AUNT BERU & THE JUICERS - their version of Here Comes Santa Claus done in the manner of the Beyoncé hit Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It).

The entire album, including print-quality sleeve art, is available as a free high-quality 320kbps MP3 download at www. romanticair.

Happy Holidays! - Romantic Air Recording Co. & the boys/girl of Computer Perfection