A room-sized supercomputer named Agnes falls in love with her programmer, a dorky computer scientist. Agnes needs Serious Love. It’s a Twilight Zone episode from 1964.

Ray Bradbury just died. In his story, I Sing the Body Electric!, he describes a replacement animatronic grandmother as having the tune of a beehive on a warm summer’s day. This is the sound we tried to get for Bem’s voice.

If there was a video for this song, maybe it would be influenced by the work of Émile Cohl. Simplistic, animated line drawings that continuously curl into one another as the story progresses.

OMD – Enola Gay, synths and digital rotoscoping mean a lot to us.

Benjamin Orr (The Cars) fronted songs + The La’s chime, not The Byrds.

You may already own a Boby.

Ladies & Gentleman! You Blessed Denizens of the Wild Untamed Electric Wilderness!

You may already own a Boby Tarlow & think you understand it. You may caress its fur, stroke its assorted collage of clockwork components & plan your romantic afternoon countryside getaways in a boozy bucolic haze, just you & your sweetly cooing Boby. I assure you, kind, gentle lovers, you have it all wrong. The closer you get to your Boby, the further it gets away. Your Boby is but an astral snowflake on your astral palm.

Please, allow me to illustrate.

Take, for instance, the tense push & pull & wildly gesticulating ambulations of the Computer Perfection/Dan Demaggio exploration, "Boby Tarlow". Surreally unhinged, danceably inviting, affirmative of both life & love, Demaggio's short film set to Computer Perfection's synth-ful song meanders through a technicolor autopsy of the dismantled psychic interiors of a wild Boby Tarlow found hiding in the garage one morning. "Hey Boby," the collaboration muses, "what's up?" Perhaps Boby answers then or perhaps its answers are divined by the wild angles & chromatic roller coaster Demaggio has pasted together. Is the technicolor origami a representation of Boby's inner unanswerable yearning or have the fleas just gotten too close to its brain? Will Boby's true heart of holy flame awaken finally as a result of this offering or was it ever even really there?

Finally, you see: there is Boby but there is no Boby.


south south million / a friend made this

I served with Trevor Naud, I knew Trevor Naud, Trevor Naud was a friend of mine. You're no Trevor Naud.

listen here and you will not find disappointment.


Kickstarter campaign to make Danny DeMaggio's origami reality a dream!!!







Computer Perfection just released a 5-song EP in a limited edition run of 100 cassettes, with MP3 download available for the purists. Track 3, Boby Tarlow, floats somewhere in an ethereal 8-bit never world... bombing the bass... sampling old toy keyboards and twisting it into absurdly tongue-tied Koopa Troopa chants.


We seek to raise funds in order to hire artist and director Mister DeMaggio, tasking him with creating the appropriate visual accompaniment to our 3 minute pop song.  Listen here...

Mister DeMaggio’s unfiltered and unguided proposal to the band prompted us to devise a plan to make it happen: In 2011, I was again approached by the band Computer Perfection to create a video for the song “Boby Tarlow”.  Initially, the lyrics call out “Hey Toby” before the chorus becomes “Oh Boby Tarlow.”  Mysterious as this insignificant change was, my research of the name conjured up its hidden reworking of one Toby Barlow: Creative Director and Author.  The band was not interested in focusing on the individual; they claimed that they were merely amusing themselves with their friend’s name.  I wanted to appreciate some reference to an artist in the brainstorming phase, so I proposed an ongoing paper-fold transition, starting with a blank business card that generated colorful 2D and 3D animations as the song gradually became a chant surrounded in origami.

Green Light Go gives us the Hi 5

“Fermenting in a Brach’s mix of the sound made by 1970’s knockoff guitars, dinner parties, loose lips, obsolete synthesizers, film nights, familial relics, analog delay, morning coffee, [and] the strangely colored matter made when a male voice brushes against its female counterpart,” Detroit’s psychedelic synthpop outfit Computer Perfection began as a means to and end. Several years ago, during one of Pas/Cal's many extended hiatuses, the now husband and wife duo Gene Corduroy and Amy Bem returned to Michigan from New York City to buy a home, start a family, and relish in the American Dream. Upon arriving in Ferndale, MI, the couple called on an old friend, Nathaniel F.H. Burgundy IV, to fill out the trio and contribute to the band’s yearlong recording collaboration. Weaving literary references with krautrock influences, Computer Perfection more recently expanded with the addition of drummer Alex Trajano and former Scarlet Oaks frontman Stevers McFever, prior to releasing a free, downloadable version of the The Merry Microbes EP in August of 2011.

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now that's a good idea

Sounds Like A Movement / download sampler: detroit, michigan

The Merry Microbes EP

"The most beautiful memories are those of childhood." - Andrei Tarkovsky
The new Computer Perfection EP opens with oblique references to that scene from the birch forest in Andrei Tarkovsky's Ivan's Childhood. This I tell you because it doesn't matter. Jagged guitars, Byzantine synth lines and a resolute rhythm section shepherd gentle harmonies through the trenches and swamps of an imagined war film. Proxima takes the whole mess, and in under two minutes, stipples its ambrosial mix across a starry sky. Boby Tarlow brings things back to Earth, almost. Floating somewhere in an ethereal 8-bit neverworld... bombing the bass... sampling old toy keyboards and twisting it into absurdly tongue-tied Koopa Troopa chants. Mystery Song rounds out Side A with an instrumental piece that contemplates a shoe box crammed with monochrome slides of poorly lit interiors.

Side B, make of it what you will. We did. It ends up where side A begins, with the original study for Ivan, I Know.

Here I'll mention that there are 100 limited edition custom, hand-made cassettes available for purchase. Don't worry, each comes with an MP3 download link for the purists.

Five compositions are freed from the constraints of linear logic. They recall a time before we knew anything. They are the foreboding of imminent misfortune and unbelievable luck. They are the reminder that there is nothing we know, other than this shit matters.

- Computer Perfection's autobiographer

Computer Perfection Chart UFO's: Unique Family Orchestrations

Jeff Milo writes it all right for Patch:

Band mates and house mates embrace the reality: there's "no such thing as a quiet house" while finishing up second album.


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