I Am A Camera.

Oh how I love this band. These are the pleasure lovers. But I really miss you Mr. Tommy Daniels. Why must you go to work at the nuclear plant when what we really need to do is roCk! Sure, you skate into town now and then in a blur of Safe-T-Rex and iMovie effects. And Monique - why I've only just rediscovered Cranbrook, and you're ready to up and leave it. Speaking of which, the trepanning was a low-budget Lovely Sort of Death \\\ Burgundy... remember when I threw my back out pushing your red Acura into the garage? I forgot the difference between pushing and lifting. Nevertheless, you owe me a waterbed. Bem, I think I got a toucha arthritis in my hip on that walk today. Let's get a pair of matching Rascals.

Watch this film... Peter Fonda, Dennis Hopper. 1967. I caught it on channel 7.2 last night. That converter box is really coming in handy now. Best, Gene

The well runs dry.

Oh Beauties.

Pushing through the fog. Artwork is nearly complete! Mr. Taray has put together a package of imagery to truly amaze & dazzle. Mixing is making fantastic progress & should be complete within the next couple weeks. The venerable Jay Kuehn will be mastering the record from that point.

Also, our first show [with a couple more possibilities]:

& a word from Phillip:

See you soon!


Sky memoirs.


So, we spent the weekend with Dave Allison, the man with the golden ears, working on fine-tuning the mixes for about half the record. We were also illuminated on the idiosyncratic ways of Jimmy Page, Talk Talk, Chuck Hughes & assorted other mythical musical beasts. All in all, despite a persistent chilled downpour, a good weekend indeed!

We will return in the next few weeks to wrap up the the remaining half & get the show on the road.

Many thanks to Garmin for helping us to arrive at our destination.

& now, the obligatory videos: