Working on a new EP

The last few months have found us pleasuring ourselves while simultaneously inching forth and forward, sometimes mostly backwards, on a new 6-song EP with a working title of 'The Merry Microbes'.

Here we are in our state-of-the-art electronics lab, going over some schematic diagrams.  Bem, ever the party girl, is still wearing her sparkles from last New Year's Eve.
Don't fuck with me, I'm trying to fix this toaster oven.
Here is our new drummer, with an actual name that will be revealed soon.  Or so he tells me.  He looks like he can really bring home the busk.

Stevers needs more juice in the cans.  And a nice glass of freshly squeezed orange juice after last night's bender.  Or was that me?  Or was that Burgundy.  Aw, who am I kidding guys? We are as straight edge as they come.

Burgundy figures out how to check his Facebook status on this transistor radio.


This is pretty cool.


We join The Summer Pledge to help raise some gas money for their big tour. Also, a vinyl release show for "You Are You". Bring stuff to grill, frisbees, black cats, roman candles, lawn darts, sparklers, horseshoes, hand grenades etc.


8:30 @ the Shack.
Thursday July 1st.
1520 Merrick (Detroit).


Gene & I were talking about setting aside a weekend of recording jams like we always do before practice. Steve brought up the fact that Can used to record this way. Lots of other sweet bands did & do, too. ___/___ even recorded a song this way & it's the one song I still like. It would be a total departure from the way we've been working so far & the way Gene & I have always worked.

I think July could be a great time for this. Computer Perfection has just a few shows, Scarlet Oaks I think is on a little bit of a break & Legendary Creatures is off for the whole month.

What do you guys think?

Single Barrel Detroit

We recently had the opportunity to record a handful of live acoustic performances in unique settings with the wonderful folks from Single Barrel Detroit. From their website:

Just north of the Ford Piquette factory is a spread of railroad tracks, once the nexus of two major lines - the Detroit & Milwaukee and Grand Trunk, which bridged much of the Midwest and Canada in an accord of industry, travel and expedience. When Henry Ford moved his tinker-y automotive operation there in 1904, the neighborhood - known as Milwaukee Junction - was pounding with other car makers, stamping plants, parts suppliers and fab shops. Home to Dodge, Packard, Regal and Cadillac, it was the nerve center of an emerging new Detroit - a Detroit built on internal combustion, efficient production, and innovative enterprise. But it was the Piquette Factory that sealed the city's fate: on September 27, 1908, the first Model T rolled off its assembly line. And from there, the Model T changed the world....

Read it all, see the videos & photos, download the MP3s at Single Barrel Detroit

So what's all the fuzz.

Dagger publishes interview with members and former members:

Also, Dagger contributor Eric Eggleson ranks us #1 in his top-ten list from 2009.

Motor City Cribs

"The Ferndale house and studio of Computer Perfection"

Thanks to Doug Coombe for photos and story. Here:

Also, another Metrotimes story on the genesis of our album artwork:

Stop the rage and consider this.

Michael Keaton circa Mr. Mom / Beetlejuice and Bret Michaels circa now.  Time traveling alien?  You be the judge.

Also, make your own Ragetoon here:

A response, of sorts.

Oy, Jesus Chainsaw Massacre. These guys! I’m sure these nit-wits have their hallowed ideas as to what “rock & roll” is & should be & far be it for me to disabuse anyone of his or her adolescent wet dreams, but I can pretty confidently tell you what “rock & roll” is not. It is NOT throwing on a pair of aviator sunglasses you picked up from CVS on your way to the show, an ill-fitting, second-hand blazer (ironic, perhaps?) & then mildly swaggering about onstage as though you were Rick Moranis trying to fit in on Soul Train. “Rock & roll” isn’t about being utterly devoid of any miniscule crumb of fashion sense. This is something I’m fairly certain of, though I may wrong; “rock & roll” may be about looking like a middle-school-er dressed as a tampon for Halloween. In all honesty, I don’t know & don’t care.

Detroit Rocks 4 Haiti

22 Detroit bands pitch in to raise money for victims of the Haitian earthquake. Detroit Rocks For Haiti takes place on Friday, January 29th and Saturday, January 30th at the Magic Stick in Detroit.

An $8 donation gets you admission; larger donations will be accepted.  Computer Perfection is 9pm on Sat/Jan 30th.

For those that can’t make it down to the event, there is information on how to make a contribution on Bishop Gumbleton's website:

Net door proceeds and a portion of bar revenues will be donated to Bishop Gumbleton to purchase medical supplies to take with them to Klinik Sen Michel - bandages, analgesics, antibiotics, ointments, antiseptics, etc. Full schedule below.

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Join the Computer Perfection mailing list and get 2 free MP3s from our current recording sessions.  You'll get the unreleased 'Proxima' as well as a demo of 'Ivan, I Know', the song destined for our first 7" of 2010.