A Gift from Computer Perfection to you!

Hello & happy holidays!

We've decided to spread a little joy & mirth in a world of increasing anxiety & consternation the only way we know how: A CHRISTMAS COMPILATION!

CHRISTMAS PARTY features seasonal tracks from The 1900s, new Le Grand Magistery signees Computer Perfection {featuring 4 members of PAS/CAL}, Romantic Air Recording Co. artists Sa Sevol and Buttermilk Daydream, and PAN!C {also of PAS/CAL pedigree}.

Another highlight: A debut by AUNT BERU & THE JUICERS - their version of Here Comes Santa Claus done in the manner of the Beyoncé hit Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It).

The entire album, including print-quality sleeve art, is available as a free high-quality 320kbps MP3 download at www. romanticair.

Happy Holidays! - Romantic Air Recording Co. & the boys/girl of Computer Perfection

Computer Perfection Needs A Bassist!

We're looking for a bassist to round our musical troupe out! The band currently consists of four former members of PAS/CAL & is signed to the Le Grand Magistery label for whom we have just completed a full-length record. We are now looking to begin practicing & performing our songs in a live setting in the Detroit area.

Our ideal candidate:

1. Has a plucky bass style in the vein of McCartney, Broadcast, Serge Gainsbourg, et al.
2. {UPDATE} has been found. Thank you for the responses.

Let's update.

Computer Perfection LP1:

Title: We Wish You Well On Your Way To Hell

Mixing: Dave Allison

Artwork: Andy Ohioboy, Computer Perfection & Friends

Slowly, surely, Computer Perfection pushes forward into the future. Phase 1 is now complete & we are hacking our way into the thick of Phase 2. Dave Allison of Rustbelt Studios is hard at work making sense of our musical scribbles. Andy Taray will be doing the same of our non-musical scribbles for the packaging. A beautiful storm is brewing, indeed.

Here are some FALL FUN photos from the last month.

Gene & Penny trick-or-treat.

Cake costume in progress.

Bem puts the finishing touches on cake.

Cake costume is ready!

Hidden Ghost Balloon Ship [feat. Trevor Naud & LTD] at the Magic Stick's Zombie Dance Party.

The Halloween scene. Scary!

Edgar has a snack.

Penny entertains Stephanie, Meema & Nathan on Halloween night.

A couple quick notes:

Yes, the cake costume was handmade by the boundlessly talented Bem!

I saw a UFO soaring above Ferndale on Halloween night!

November 4th: Computer Perfection heaves a collective & dramatic sigh of relief.

We'll talk soon!

Nathan B.

Penny & The Jets.

Gene, Penny & I traveled to Dexter, home to The Cookie Momster, queen of the pastry world. Lamentably, the cookie shop is no more so we decided to make ourselves useful & lay down the piano bits for the full length. Not quite as tasty, but sweet just the same.

The lovely Otto, Jan assisted us by tuning & prepping the ivories with the expertise of a technician in her field for over two decades.

Good stuff, right? We hope so.


N. Burgundy

Letters From The Postwar Effort.

Friends assembled to lend their honey-sweet vocal cords to a small but crucial turn on 'O Your Blue Blood' as well as some thunderous handclaps to 'Sans Soleil'. Above, Trevor Naud [of Zoos of Berlin & The Soccer Moms], Monica Breen, Chris Gideon & Lynette Lynette.

Acts of Creation & Destruction.

As the time of reckoning draws nigh & the calendar crawls ever closer to the fiery year called 2012 anno domini the pressure escalates. There is sweat on my brow even now as I type this. It is so quiet at night lately. A dog yelps in the distance at some anonymous disapproved interloper & the echo hangs heavy in the air like a dulling wine.

Anyway, above are some photos from a vocal session with the lovely lady with but one name, Bem.

Here We Grow Again.

We are ever closer to LP1! This will be the first volume in a duo of of concept records detailing the rise of a rock band consisting of aliens from across the universe who have come to Earth to spread Truth & eradicate Falsehood, Lies & Illusions through HOT JAMZ.

A tentative tracklist has been devised:

Domestic Amusements

How I Won The War / O Your Blue Blood

Able Archer

Silence Is A Shadow's Dream

The Strange Echo

La Strada

Sweetie Pie

Maurice On The Water

Sans Soleil

Planck's Lullaby

Let There Be More Light,


Domestic Amusements

Another twinkle in LTD’s eye entered the trail of the lonesome pine, passed through an ivy-covered trellis, proceeding (unlooked for though not unwelcome) in through the back door. Down the steps past overturned hat boxes, ancient cartons of merchandise sharing shelf space with the food pantry, and over an oft-used treadmill having trouble folding upright in its old age. Thus sprung the new song ‘Domestic Amusements’, a minute and a half of blissful future memories.

When the well runs dry and the plants are picked clean ~ every little creature has taken a picture, leaving a footprint a footstep stamped across your back

I'm an alien come up from the sea hovering covering shiny collections of idling engines, so gentlemen start your dreams.

I fell into you one midsummer's night as flowers in fossils bloomed at night; my bedroom light was dark and golden-eyed. Beyond time and sleep in a silver web, acts of creation and of destruction cross your heart as I hope to try.

The Dragon Of Breckenridge

Last night, I dropped by the newly christened Dragon Studios (in LTD’s dining room) to hear what kinda drum sound he is getting. There is a fancy new recording nook set up where we used to eat the pasta Galapagos. I like it. With just 3 mics on the kit – a SM57 on the high hat, a KSM27 on the snare, and some damn thing in the kick… it sounds amazing. Like Billy Jean but with real drums.

We are mostly done with a new song called Sans Soleil -- and put it here to hear.

Tonight… we’re all going to see Destroyer/Colossal Yes at the Crofoot. Before that, dinner at Bastone and a stop at Cranbrook for something artful.

hearts ~~ Gene

The Slowest Jams

Thanks Bro. Today I can look into my dinning room and see not a table for friends and family to sit around and enjoy my mothers mothers' pasta dishes but instead a beautiful used Starck piano. A quick search for a free piano on Craigslist this Friday introduced me to a wonderful woman living just three blocks from Michelle and I, looking to gain some extra space in a house of kids and dads. Heavy and half broke, it sounds wonderful and smells like on orange. Bob Emmet is gonna tune it for me. An upright acoustic piano, it also has a 2 octave organ with bass pedals, an amp and a speaker. The organ part is broke to shit. Maybe I'm a little out of shape but this thing hurt to move and it wouldn't be coming to dinner without Trevor Naud, Chris Gideon and Richard Panic. Point is, giving away an instrument is as wonderful as pasta galagia and a finger in a jar of Nutella. So thanks bro, for the wonderful meal.

Tartare you being served?

The girls went out to get their drink on Friday night. Gene, LTD & I stayed in with Penelope & made for ourselves a delightful little dinner indeed - steak tartare, a green salad with homemade vinaigrette & bleu cheese fries, also homemade. LTD brought along a fantastic dessert called frangipane, which is a tart of almond paste & pears. A quick scan at Wikipedia shows it's of Belgian origin. Shoulda known! I love them Belgian foods.

Dinner was followed by our typical Friday night feast of LTD's Magical Mystery Tour of basic cable. There was bad Christian folk rock & really really bad Coyote Ugly tryouts. Somehow the Coyote Ugly show lead to our edification on the politics of reptilian overlords.


1. Steak tartare recipe via Anthony Bourdain. We recommend you do a lot of tasting once you've mixed it all together; we really had to amp most up everything to get some good flavor volume. Also, we used two pounds of a lovely filet from the local neighborhood market. Our tartare was without the cognac, but you bet your sweet bippy we'll have some next time.

2. YouTube evidence of our reptilian overlords.


# 2 egg yolks
# 2 tbsp Dijon mustard (28 g)
# 4 anchovy filets, finely chopped
# 2 tsp ketchup (10 g)
# 1 tsp Worcestershire sauce (5 g)
# Tabasco sauce, to taste
# Freshly ground black pepper
# 1/4 cup salad (i.e., corn or soy) oil (56 ml)
# 1 oz Cognac (28 ml)
# 1 small onion, freshly and finely chopped
# 2 oz capers, rinsed (56 g)
# 2 oz cornichons, finely chopped (56 g)
# 4 sprigs of flat parsley, finely chopped
# 1 1/4 lb. fresh sirloin, finely chopped (560 g)

Throw it all in a big bowl & serve it up. It's raw meat & eggs, so eat it right away, duh.




My pony plays the mamba.

This is how I spend my mornings...

Ryan Lambert went on to the 80s classic [& recent DVD debut], Monster Squad, & now fronts a San Fransisco-based indie rock band called Elephone [http://www.myspace.com/elephone].

Stacey Ferguson or 'Fergie' went on to star in a couple pornographic films before being tragically killed in a drug-related shooting.

Going back to bed,



The quote of the year already: "She looks like she could eat an apple through a fence."

Thank you Gene.



Tears in the rain.

Gene + Big Muff + Toothbrush = Burgundy Bliss.

Guitar Wizard really nailed some sweet fuzzed out stylings the other night. 'Able Archer' has newly minted muscle that's totally killer. I think it's pretty damn close to done now. Don't you?

Also, we watched Blade Runner the other night. Lord, how I ache for Sean Young circa 1985.


N. F. H. Burgundy IV

The Secretary of Regrets To Inform You wrote us.

Dear John,

I have found someone else whom I think the world of. This year, SXSW Music received and reviewed over 9,999 submissions. Unfortunately, this means that we must turn down many artists. With that in mind, I think the only way out is for us to not offer Computer Perfection a showcase this year. Please be assured that your materials were given full consideration. We wish you the best in your musical pursuits.

Anonymous Intern


LTD and I spent much of Saturday working on a demo named Fanta See(1), though he pronounces it Fantasay - which I find adorable.

No, we didn’t and it isn’t.

Anyhow, envision this song centered in a live set where LTD steps out from behind the drum kit and into the spotlight. He demonstrates his acoustic guitar licks as I stand by his side… or perhaps back-to-back(2). We smile, and with a wink compliment each other’s abilities, though each of us know that we’re performing quite better than the other. As it’s currently only two acoustic guitars, I guess that’s been the extent of my envisioning. Maybe Bem lets out a barbaric yawp here and there, and Burgundy carves an ice dance into the negative spaces with his trusty Casio. We’ll see.

1. LTD was soothing his thirst for knowledge with a glass of Orange Fanta on the day we first worked it out. I think that was back in August of 2007 at the Breckenridge Basement studio.
2. Trevor and I used to do this, and we did it with class. But he never comes around with his stories of coworkers that keep plastic knives and baggies in the bathroom cabinet (for reasons entirely unmentionable), or his sacks of White Castles. For he is far too busy. Theme From "Endless Trevor".

Total change of subject - I'm thinking of a Virgin Mary latch hook rug for LTD's birthday, which gives me until the Summer Solstice to find one.

Finally, we applied for the magic that is South by Southwest a few months back. I’m relatively certain that there is zero chance in being accepted, as we’ve never played a show and have only a few songs partially recorded. Oh and we only have a few songs. And we’ve never practiced one of them, even once.

I’m starting to think there was a slight overestimation in our ability to write, record, produce and perform songs, all while trying to figure out how to customize a MySpace page. But that’s not stopping this recurring nightmare: Attempting to extend three songs I don’t know how to play into a showcase performance - in a space that is probably a strip club the other 51 weeks in a year, as evidenced by the poles on stage.

Ah well, we’re better off letting history judge our misjudgements.

~ Gene

Recently viewed: Solaris (1972) directed by Andrei Tarkovsky ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
Currently listening to: A Brief History Of Time


This was nice, considering it's only a demo:
Gracias, Kevin.

Weekenders in Roscommon.

Spaghetti Corduroy.

Spaghetti Corduroy
Serves 6 or more
I did this on the fly, so there were no actual measurements in my cooking. Fed Bem, Burgundy and myself. LTD was busy with his bi-weekly drum circle & diet-Coke tasting club at Mansion Studios.

2 1/2 lbs ground sirloin
2 cloves garlic, minced
coarse sea salt & pepper

Cook in an open pan on medium heat until no longer pink
Drain. Add to sauce once it is simmering.

2 cups freshly diced tomato
1 large vidalia onion, finely chopped
3 16 oz cans tomato sauce
2 small cans tomato paste
Olive oil, maybe 2 tablespoons
1 1/2 cups whole milk
1 cup water
1 tablespoon italian seasoning
fresh basil
2 teaspoons parsley
4 bay leaves
6 cloves garlic, minced
2 tablespoons brown sugar
1 cup dry white table wine
coarse sea salt to taste
freshly ground black pepper to taste

Cover and simmer for at least 1 hour after adding meat. Increase water to lengthen simmering time.

Sample the sauce often, adjust spicing as necessary to suit your taste buds. I used whole-wheat rotini noodles, they hold the sauce nicely.

Computer Says, "No".