Computer Perfection Needs A Bassist!

We're looking for a bassist to round our musical troupe out! The band currently consists of four former members of PAS/CAL & is signed to the Le Grand Magistery label for whom we have just completed a full-length record. We are now looking to begin practicing & performing our songs in a live setting in the Detroit area.

Our ideal candidate:

1. Has a plucky bass style in the vein of McCartney, Broadcast, Serge Gainsbourg, et al.
2. {UPDATE} has been found. Thank you for the responses.

1 comment:

Ordinary Offices said...

ah. well....i can play the bass in my sleep, and i use flat-wound strings (ie. melody nelson, magical mystery tour, j.s. bach). the only problem is that i'm only going to be in detroit until the summer of 2009, i just turned 30 a month ago, and i have a penis. if the circumstances were different, i bet you i'd be perfect.