Kid Food.

The night started off innocently enough. We head to Cass Cafe for a quick bite and some drinks. I startwith a Motor City Nut Brown, and then move to a Nut-Blaster (that's 1/2 N.B., 1/2 Ghettoblaster). And the chicken tenders with ranch.

LTD:“Who orders chicken tenders with ranch? What are you, eight?”

Whatever. He ordered whole milk and some Fruit Roll-Ups. Turns out Monique doesn’t like Cass CafĂ©, yet she likes AJ’s in Ferndale, home of the 70’s mom sandwich. Thanks for the bologna on Wonder white, mom. I’ll sprinkle some mashed up Pringles on it too, then we’ll watch Thundercats.

So we played a show at The Belmont that wasn’t all that great cuz we only practiced once. My guitar was crapping out, a huge distraction. But Scott Allen’s new group was tight. Alan James was touchingly talented.

Finished the night with Tate serving rounds of Johnny Walker Red, till that ran out. Then I had a cup of the Black before we head back to LTD’s Dragon Studio with a bag full of garbage from 7-11. Never get the Pepperoni, Cheese and Sauce Roll-Up by the way. It tasted as described.

O Your Dry Crusty Brownish Red Blood.

The first practice following NYC Popfest

...greeted me with this bloody splatter on the guitar I loaned to The Radio Dept for their headlining spot at the Bell House in Brooklyn. In the spirit of all that is good within the indie music community, we loaned our guitars, amps, keyboard stands and more to the otherwise gracious trio... who were for some reason traveling without their own equipment. At one point after being asked for a patch cable, LTD quipped, "How about I just play your songs for you too?" But maybe that didn't didn't translate?! So I have to say this was a) pretty unpleasant and b) totally inconsiderate. Just kidding it was awesome rock n roll.


The Album has left the trusty hands of Dave Allison and is being delivered to Jay Keuhn for mastering. Hoping for another week, maybe two... then the master of CP LP #1 (We Wish You Well On Your Way To Hell) makes its final approach for landing in Le Grand Magistery's secret Canadian hideout. That's 2,584 miles from our home in shady Ferndale. At that point, the master will meet up with its artful counterpart created by Andy Taray. All parties will sign an oath in blood taken from local mystical creatures. Master and Art will join hands and march on Darla Records HQ for manufacturing etc.

PS - Thanks D.A. for the mixing prowess, tips & techniques, production assistance... and just a generally entertaining and educational experience. We'll be back.


Next week it's our 5th and 6th shows: the Belmont in Hamtramck and Holy Joe's in Toronto. That's the NXNE festival. We'll be staying at a comfy guest house in Cabbagetown. In fact, it's called the Comfy Guest House. So that's where we'll be if you find yourself reading this, in Toronto, and wanting to take us somewhere nice to eat/drink.

So that's some crazy back-2-back shit and we R pumped... I sure hope will be there, they seem really excited about us:

"I hope you are doing great. I really like your song 'The Fool Is Hurt'. Could you come play at Rocketown in Nashville for me and some other music Industry Reps?? I work for a label under Warner Bros. and we are looking for more artists' right now. We can set up your showcase right online by going through this A&R company we use called Band With a Mission. (

The cool part about showcasing with them is that you will get to showcase your best songs for me and a couple other music industry representatives and you will get a 3 page feedback/A&R Assessment explaining what you are great at, and what you can work on to improve your show. You will also receive a pack from the sponsors with info on how you can get involved with their company. They have an unbelievable track record.

I hope you can come out!"

No, I hope you can come out, Meagan. We'll do a two-part harmony, a cappella version of 'The Fool Is Hurt', just so you can understand them lyrics.