Then this
Computer Perfection...slowly fermenting a Brach’s mix of the sound made by 70’s knockoff guitars, dinner parties, loose lips, obsolete synthesizers, film nights, familial relics, fire, analog delay, morning coffee, the strangely colored matter made when a male voice brushes against its female counterpart. The wreckage of longing and laughter. Does anyone remember laughter? Thunderous drums salted with Melodie-esque basslines. Johnny Walker Black, food, crackly vinyl.

Please transport in an epic medium-fantasy canvas tote.

• Describe your band (in 5 words or less).  Flashbacks, Food, Film, Forestry, Echos. Describing one's band tends to be terribly frustrating, we've discovered. So we just quote things others have already written.
• If your music was a place, where would it be?  It would be on the set of Ivan's Childhood, in the birch tree house scene.
• One time I was on stage and... I didn't fuck up.
• What are the band members' full time jobs? We live off the legendary Burgundy fortune, and intend to one day start an upscale hippie commune / urban farm.
• What is the song-writing process like? A vat of lyrics slowly accrued over time is applied to a collection of music that has also slowly been fermenting in sherry casks.
• Where did the band name come from?  It's probably a pretty interesting story, but I don't know.
• Digital or Analog? Who cares.  Listen to Jean Michel Jarre's Oxygene or Giorgio Moroder's E=MC² and tell me it isn't a fantastic marriage. The lovely thing is that cheap technology - computers, software, et cetera - has made recording an album possible for the likes of us. We never could have pulled it off otherwise.
• How about past musical endeavours?  They're still out there, frozen in time on Friendster profiles, MichigIndie caches, Geocities pages, Yahoo Groups and MySpace weirdness.

We Wish You Well On Your Way To Hell (November, 2009) via Le Grand Magistery
The Merry Microbes EP (August, 2011) via Romantic Air Recording Company