We'll be Broadcast for Halloween.
Bem as Trish

Lager House as whatever

Kickstarter campaign to make Danny DeMaggio's origami reality a dream!!!







Computer Perfection just released a 5-song EP in a limited edition run of 100 cassettes, with MP3 download available for the purists. Track 3, Boby Tarlow, floats somewhere in an ethereal 8-bit never world... bombing the bass... sampling old toy keyboards and twisting it into absurdly tongue-tied Koopa Troopa chants.


We seek to raise funds in order to hire artist and director Mister DeMaggio, tasking him with creating the appropriate visual accompaniment to our 3 minute pop song.  Listen here...

Mister DeMaggio’s unfiltered and unguided proposal to the band prompted us to devise a plan to make it happen: In 2011, I was again approached by the band Computer Perfection to create a video for the song “Boby Tarlow”.  Initially, the lyrics call out “Hey Toby” before the chorus becomes “Oh Boby Tarlow.”  Mysterious as this insignificant change was, my research of the name conjured up its hidden reworking of one Toby Barlow: Creative Director and Author.  The band was not interested in focusing on the individual; they claimed that they were merely amusing themselves with their friend’s name.  I wanted to appreciate some reference to an artist in the brainstorming phase, so I proposed an ongoing paper-fold transition, starting with a blank business card that generated colorful 2D and 3D animations as the song gradually became a chant surrounded in origami.

The Merry Microbes EP

"The most beautiful memories are those of childhood." - Andrei Tarkovsky
The new Computer Perfection EP opens with oblique references to that scene from the birch forest in Andrei Tarkovsky's Ivan's Childhood. This I tell you because it doesn't matter. Jagged guitars, Byzantine synth lines and a resolute rhythm section shepherd gentle harmonies through the trenches and swamps of an imagined war film. Proxima takes the whole mess, and in under two minutes, stipples its ambrosial mix across a starry sky. Boby Tarlow brings things back to Earth, almost. Floating somewhere in an ethereal 8-bit neverworld... bombing the bass... sampling old toy keyboards and twisting it into absurdly tongue-tied Koopa Troopa chants. Mystery Song rounds out Side A with an instrumental piece that contemplates a shoe box crammed with monochrome slides of poorly lit interiors.

Side B, make of it what you will. We did. It ends up where side A begins, with the original study for Ivan, I Know.

Here I'll mention that there are 100 limited edition custom, hand-made cassettes available for purchase. Don't worry, each comes with an MP3 download link for the purists.

Five compositions are freed from the constraints of linear logic. They recall a time before we knew anything. They are the foreboding of imminent misfortune and unbelievable luck. They are the reminder that there is nothing we know, other than this shit matters.

- Computer Perfection's autobiographer

Computer Perfection Chart UFO's: Unique Family Orchestrations

Jeff Milo writes it all right for Patch:

Band mates and house mates embrace the reality: there's "no such thing as a quiet house" while finishing up second album.


Read on here...

ohio boy

Andy Taray, our buddy in Akron has a new website for his artful enterprises:

Andy and some of his friends developed the packaging for our first album.  Also, check out his company for tons of cool graphic T-shirts.  Or maybe at a Renegade Craft fair near you.

Here's a song by another Ohio Boy:

Sirius Luv

Session Sheet / Recording Information

Time:        Saturday, April 9 2011
Studio Time:    10 AM to 5:30 PM
Location:    McFever McMansion (Woodbridge/Detroit)

I Need A Serious Love (Take 4)
Serotonin (Let The Light In) (Takes 3/4)
Wayfarers All (Takes 2/3)

Label Information:     Le Grand Magistery
Release Information:     Date/Title TBD

Track / Instrument / Mic / Preamp

1    Kick / Shure Beta 52A / Bellari RP220   
2    Snare / Shure SM57 / Bellari RP220
3    OH Hi-Hat / Shure KSM27 / Bellari RP220
4    OH Ride / Blue Dragonfly / Bellari RP220
5    Room / Steve Rodes NT1 / Presonus TubePre
6    Elec Guitar / Shure SM57 / Presonus BlueTube
7    Bass Amp / AKG D112 / Presonus BlueTube
8    Bass Direct / SansAmp BassDriver DI


Drums - Alex Trajano
Bass - Stevers McFevers
Elec Guitar - Gene Corduroy

Jeff Richardson

Jeff as Honorary tapeop

I began the day by packing up the home studio, The Fishtank.  With Nathaniel in Mexico City, overseeing the annual board meeting for the Burgundy Foundation, I requisitioned Bem to help carry everything up the stairs.  Transporting the gear was a cinch with our trusty GMC Safari maxi-van, Brownie.  First things first... a not-so-quick stop at Avalon for coffee, vegan blueberry muffins, a sticky bun and a chocolate mini bundt cake.  You have to have the proper caffeine and sugar levels in order to get the proper recording levels.  Also, pro gear and a pro 'tude helps.  Anyways as setup and sound checks began, Stevers kept the coffee flowing.  Setting up took a good 3 hours and a stiff dose of benadryl for Alex' cat allergies.

Drums in the Parlor
Guitar in the Living Room
Bass in the Lavatory
Have a seat.

Drums in the parlor, guitar in the living room, bass in the lavatory.  Stevers woke up neighbor Jeff Richardson to serve as an honorary tapeop for the morning shift.

The first track is one we've been practicing for about a month.  I Need A Serious Love was inspired in part by the character of James Elwood, computer programmer in an episode of The Twilight Zone entitled 'From Agnes--With Love'.  It went quickly, and we nailed it on the 4th take.  No edits.

By 2pm, the energizing effect of coffee and sweets had run its course. We broke for a quick lunch: black bean quesadillas stuffed with all manner of veggies and topped with Honey Bee's amazing salsa.  That was not all.  No visit to the McFevers McMansion is complete without a generous pour from Steve's top shelf.  It's really the top shelf too, I can't reach it. Manhattans all around.

Serotonin (Let The Light In) went 4 takes before we were satisfied.  Truth be told, we flew the outro from Take 4 into Take 3.  You'd never know.  Tape splicing is quite easy when you remove the tape part.  Not that I couldn't do it if I had to... with two semesters serving as a library A/V tech in high school, I'm certain I could Scotch tape an album together.

We ended the afternoon on a song that is more collage than composition.  Wayfarers All is a troubling stew of  Moog blips, time-stretched vocals, mechanical drums, synth farts and 8-bit samples.  Let's see what becomes of this mélange.

New cardigan for the occasion
A different angle


Step right up

This sucker's electrical

Sounded good

FAQ & Update

Describe your band (in 5 words or less).  Flashbacks, Food, Film, Forestry, Echos. Describing one's band tends to be terribly frustrating, we've discovered. So we just quote things others have already written.
• If your music was a place, where would it be?  It would be on the set of Ivan's Childhood, in the birch tree house scene.
• One time I was on stage and... I didn't fuck up.
• What are the band members' full time jobs? We live off the legendary Burgundy fortune, and intend to soon start an upscale hippie commune / urban farm.
• What is the song-writing process like? A vat of lyrics slowly accrued over time is applied to a collection of music that has also slowly been fermenting in sherry casks.
• Where did the band name come from?  It's probably a pretty interesting story, but I don't know.
• Digital or Analog? Who cares.  Listen to Jean Michel Jarre's Oxygene or Giorgio Moroder's E=MC² & tell me it isn't a fantastic marriage. The lovely thing is that cheap technology - computers, software, et cetera - has made recording an album possible for the likes of us. We never could have pulled it off otherwise.
• How about past musical endeavours?  They're still out there, frozen in time on Friendster profiles, MichigIndie caches and Geocities pages.

We are presently recording songs and non-songs for a new collection.  Destination: Fall 2011. You can hear two of them in the music player. Proxima and Ivan, I Know.

These guys are drinking their brains!

Blowout 2011

Hamtramck Blowout 2011 is upon us. We've prepared a short video essay on what this yearly ritual means to us. Also, MetroTimes says this about us:

Midnight — Computer Perfection: Spare the hyperbole: Yes, there's airy pop perfection in Gene Corduroy's combo — songwriting and synthesizers are the skin and bones to which everything clings, and the band wouldn't likely deny an enduring appreciation for Kraftwerk and the Beatles.

Don't know what that means, but it sounds about right. But they forgot about hot dogs and finger banging:

listening room

1. Getz/Gilberto
2. Rod Stewart - Every Picture Tells A Story
3. Led Zeppelin II
4. Jean Michel Jarr - Oxygene
5. Brian Eno - Another Green World
6. Rolling Stones - Out Of Our Heads
7. Talking Heads - 77
8. Everything You Always Wanted to Hear on the Moog
9. Beach House - Teen Dream
10. Secret Twins - Ill Fit
11. Miles Davis - Bitches Brew

The Strange Echo

Welcome to our new pad called The Strange Echo.  This year we're polishing up the old tunes with a new drummer by the name of Alex Trajano.  March 2 at Club Bart in Ferndale and March 3 at Atlas Bar in Hamtramck for Blowout. Also we've abandoned the idea of an EP and have set our sights on a full blown 2nd LP.  Lots of new songs.