The Merry Microbes EP

"The most beautiful memories are those of childhood." - Andrei Tarkovsky
The new Computer Perfection EP opens with oblique references to that scene from the birch forest in Andrei Tarkovsky's Ivan's Childhood. This I tell you because it doesn't matter. Jagged guitars, Byzantine synth lines and a resolute rhythm section shepherd gentle harmonies through the trenches and swamps of an imagined war film. Proxima takes the whole mess, and in under two minutes, stipples its ambrosial mix across a starry sky. Boby Tarlow brings things back to Earth, almost. Floating somewhere in an ethereal 8-bit neverworld... bombing the bass... sampling old toy keyboards and twisting it into absurdly tongue-tied Koopa Troopa chants. Mystery Song rounds out Side A with an instrumental piece that contemplates a shoe box crammed with monochrome slides of poorly lit interiors.

Side B, make of it what you will. We did. It ends up where side A begins, with the original study for Ivan, I Know.

Here I'll mention that there are 100 limited edition custom, hand-made cassettes available for purchase. Don't worry, each comes with an MP3 download link for the purists.

Five compositions are freed from the constraints of linear logic. They recall a time before we knew anything. They are the foreboding of imminent misfortune and unbelievable luck. They are the reminder that there is nothing we know, other than this shit matters.

- Computer Perfection's autobiographer