Stop the rage and consider this.

Michael Keaton circa Mr. Mom / Beetlejuice and Bret Michaels circa now.  Time traveling alien?  You be the judge.

Also, make your own Ragetoon here:

A response, of sorts.

Oy, Jesus Chainsaw Massacre. These guys! I’m sure these nit-wits have their hallowed ideas as to what “rock & roll” is & should be & far be it for me to disabuse anyone of his or her adolescent wet dreams, but I can pretty confidently tell you what “rock & roll” is not. It is NOT throwing on a pair of aviator sunglasses you picked up from CVS on your way to the show, an ill-fitting, second-hand blazer (ironic, perhaps?) & then mildly swaggering about onstage as though you were Rick Moranis trying to fit in on Soul Train. “Rock & roll” isn’t about being utterly devoid of any miniscule crumb of fashion sense. This is something I’m fairly certain of, though I may wrong; “rock & roll” may be about looking like a middle-school-er dressed as a tampon for Halloween. In all honesty, I don’t know & don’t care.