FAQ & Update

Describe your band (in 5 words or less).  Flashbacks, Food, Film, Forestry, Echos. Describing one's band tends to be terribly frustrating, we've discovered. So we just quote things others have already written.
• If your music was a place, where would it be?  It would be on the set of Ivan's Childhood, in the birch tree house scene.
• One time I was on stage and... I didn't fuck up.
• What are the band members' full time jobs? We live off the legendary Burgundy fortune, and intend to soon start an upscale hippie commune / urban farm.
• What is the song-writing process like? A vat of lyrics slowly accrued over time is applied to a collection of music that has also slowly been fermenting in sherry casks.
• Where did the band name come from?  It's probably a pretty interesting story, but I don't know.
• Digital or Analog? Who cares.  Listen to Jean Michel Jarre's Oxygene or Giorgio Moroder's E=MC² & tell me it isn't a fantastic marriage. The lovely thing is that cheap technology - computers, software, et cetera - has made recording an album possible for the likes of us. We never could have pulled it off otherwise.
• How about past musical endeavours?  They're still out there, frozen in time on Friendster profiles, MichigIndie caches and Geocities pages.

We are presently recording songs and non-songs for a new collection.  Destination: Fall 2011. You can hear two of them in the music player. Proxima and Ivan, I Know.

These guys are drinking their brains!

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