The Slowest Jams

Thanks Bro. Today I can look into my dinning room and see not a table for friends and family to sit around and enjoy my mothers mothers' pasta dishes but instead a beautiful used Starck piano. A quick search for a free piano on Craigslist this Friday introduced me to a wonderful woman living just three blocks from Michelle and I, looking to gain some extra space in a house of kids and dads. Heavy and half broke, it sounds wonderful and smells like on orange. Bob Emmet is gonna tune it for me. An upright acoustic piano, it also has a 2 octave organ with bass pedals, an amp and a speaker. The organ part is broke to shit. Maybe I'm a little out of shape but this thing hurt to move and it wouldn't be coming to dinner without Trevor Naud, Chris Gideon and Richard Panic. Point is, giving away an instrument is as wonderful as pasta galagia and a finger in a jar of Nutella. So thanks bro, for the wonderful meal.

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