LTD and I spent much of Saturday working on a demo named Fanta See(1), though he pronounces it Fantasay - which I find adorable.

No, we didn’t and it isn’t.

Anyhow, envision this song centered in a live set where LTD steps out from behind the drum kit and into the spotlight. He demonstrates his acoustic guitar licks as I stand by his side… or perhaps back-to-back(2). We smile, and with a wink compliment each other’s abilities, though each of us know that we’re performing quite better than the other. As it’s currently only two acoustic guitars, I guess that’s been the extent of my envisioning. Maybe Bem lets out a barbaric yawp here and there, and Burgundy carves an ice dance into the negative spaces with his trusty Casio. We’ll see.

1. LTD was soothing his thirst for knowledge with a glass of Orange Fanta on the day we first worked it out. I think that was back in August of 2007 at the Breckenridge Basement studio.
2. Trevor and I used to do this, and we did it with class. But he never comes around with his stories of coworkers that keep plastic knives and baggies in the bathroom cabinet (for reasons entirely unmentionable), or his sacks of White Castles. For he is far too busy. Theme From "Endless Trevor".

Total change of subject - I'm thinking of a Virgin Mary latch hook rug for LTD's birthday, which gives me until the Summer Solstice to find one.

Finally, we applied for the magic that is South by Southwest a few months back. I’m relatively certain that there is zero chance in being accepted, as we’ve never played a show and have only a few songs partially recorded. Oh and we only have a few songs. And we’ve never practiced one of them, even once.

I’m starting to think there was a slight overestimation in our ability to write, record, produce and perform songs, all while trying to figure out how to customize a MySpace page. But that’s not stopping this recurring nightmare: Attempting to extend three songs I don’t know how to play into a showcase performance - in a space that is probably a strip club the other 51 weeks in a year, as evidenced by the poles on stage.

Ah well, we’re better off letting history judge our misjudgements.

~ Gene

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