Single Barrel Detroit

We recently had the opportunity to record a handful of live acoustic performances in unique settings with the wonderful folks from Single Barrel Detroit. From their website:

Just north of the Ford Piquette factory is a spread of railroad tracks, once the nexus of two major lines - the Detroit & Milwaukee and Grand Trunk, which bridged much of the Midwest and Canada in an accord of industry, travel and expedience. When Henry Ford moved his tinker-y automotive operation there in 1904, the neighborhood - known as Milwaukee Junction - was pounding with other car makers, stamping plants, parts suppliers and fab shops. Home to Dodge, Packard, Regal and Cadillac, it was the nerve center of an emerging new Detroit - a Detroit built on internal combustion, efficient production, and innovative enterprise. But it was the Piquette Factory that sealed the city's fate: on September 27, 1908, the first Model T rolled off its assembly line. And from there, the Model T changed the world....

Read it all, see the videos & photos, download the MP3s at Single Barrel Detroit

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