A new single called Echo's Winter

Every few years we brew up something new in the way of a wintry mix. 

Computer Perfection, strange echos, Bem's voice, Gene's theme, Penny on cello, the sage advice of Little Tommy Daniels, the wise observations of Mr. Burgundy, the solstice. It is time for winter weather. And just in the nick of Christmas, we moved the recording studio out of the basement into a spare upper room with nice southern light and charmingly creaky acoustics. The whole basement studio thing never really worked out anyhow.  I blame it for our dearth of new material.

So make some good food, drink some good vino, stare at the fire, think about this year and next, stay up late, watch vintage Xmas animations in bed, sleep well.

Available on most streaming services, most everywhere. Bandcamp link below. More soon.

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