What You Call Stick-to-it-iveness.

You don't bring the venue. The venue brings you.
Saturday, May 25th.
I start the day with the requisite trip to Guitar Center and Radio Shack for cables, batteries, more cables.
Second off, why do we weakling music-types have these 80lb amps? If I become an accountant, I will use that Fender Twin as a paperweight.
Hot rain.
Bem's voice has barely returned following a lengthy cold.
We make the long trek from Ferndale, up Woodward, to Bloomfield Hills. With one stop at Walgreen's for some more batteries.
The student lounge at Cranbrook Academy of Art. A heady blend of Welcome To The Johnson's and Pencey Prep, with perhaps a dash of the gross-out spill slick I imagine the Dexter Lake Club might have had at the end of a night.
Every counter, chair back, bench and patch of floor was sticky as a post-it note on the 4th of July.
It couldn't have made for a better first show.

Spayed Oddity
CP started the night off with 7 songs from the forthcoming full length. Then followed a commanding performance by Lauren Payne with some Catlovin'-Casio-Rap. It was good. Rounding out the evening was Coyote Clean Up featuring members of Kalkaska!? I think we played with them once back in the mid 90's. They provided the High Life and a bass amp, while we brought the guitar tuner so it all worked out. Later in the night, Lauren, Coyote Club, and Alright Computer ride around the campus on a flat bed jamming some Loggins/Messina tunes with Monica manning the tractor trailer while playing bass. Is there anything she can't do?

Where'd You Get That Vest?
Special thanks to Trevor Naud (Zoos of Berlin, Hidden Ghost Balloon Ship, Red Shirt Brigade, South South Million, Soccer Moms) for the catcalls to Burgundy during the set. Your karma was put into balance via the Taco Bell drive-thru. Meanwhile, LTD proposed a new menu item at McDonald's: the 3-Meat Sampler. That's a double cheeseburger, filet-O-fish and some chicken sandwich. Bem says it's 20 points.

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