Catching Up!

Oh boy, it's been too long! Okay, here we are back again. Quick updates:


9.5.2009 Computer Perfection v2.0 plays Schuba's in Chicago. Overall, not bad despite technical issues. I should say that the sound guy was perhaps the nicest I've met. Gary, I think his name was. Gene & I bought matching sunglasses at Penelope's.

9.19.2009 Computer Perfection v2.0 plays DIY Street Fair in Ferndale. Absolute blast. Our new rhythm section is the sturdiest cornucopia of musical talent you've got to hear. Also, DIY is just the best happening in the area, hands down. We saw so many wonderful bands: Zoos of Berlin, Johnny Headband, Serenity Court, Lightning Love were all super tops in my book. Too much fun.


10.9.2009 Record Release Party at Crofoot

10.21.2009 CMJ Music Marathon in New York City

10.29.2009 Halloween Show at Blind Pig

11.9.2009 Official Release of CP LP #1, 'WE WISH YOU WELL ON YOUR WAY TO HELL'

See you then!


N. F. H. Burgundy IV


Sunday's DIY set with Sisters Lucas, Champions of Breakfast, Friendly Foes & The Sights covering selections from Let It Be was just as stellar! Sisters Lucas, if this comes up in your Google alerts, Computer Perfection wants to play a show with you!

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Anonymous said...

COMPUTER DUDES! thank you so much for offering the keyboards.. i didnt really have time to freak out, but i was well on my way. WAS SO KIND OF YOU to offer the help in a possibly shitty situation. The funny thing was, the keyboard that Keith ran and grabbed was broken. HA! thanks again.

chad headbandito