Outtakes from Sans Soleil

Just singing about things I like.  Ramblin’ on with Zeppelin and Tolkien.  Through The Past, Darkly with the Stones in an octagonal record jacket. Through A Glass, Darkly with Ingmar Bergman.  The song title leans toward the film Sans Soleil by Chris Marker, which itself references Stalker by Andrei Tarkovsky.

I like this bit of dialogue from Sans Soleil:

And when all the celebrations are over it remains only to pick up all the ornaments—all the accessories of the celebration—and by burning them, make a celebration.

I don’t know what the hell that is about, but it makes me think of celebrating the end of the year by burning an Xmas tree and decorations in the front yard.  Dancing around it madly, chanting Sto lat! and eating the last of the candy cane cookies.

I was talking with a friend about good creepy songs for a Halloween party - One Way Or Another by Blondie was mentioned.  She said it was about a stalker.  Armed with this new and trivial knowledge, I scoured the web in search of other stalking songs. By chance, I stumbled upon Tarkovsky’s Stalker.  The second half of our song visits The Zone as imagined by me before I saw the film.

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