2009, continued.

Let us resolve. What are your plans for 2009?

Little Tommy Daniels

"I resolve not to punch walls, kick cars, stab kitchen cabinets, throw wine glasses or write nasty letters to people. I will also use the 2 minute rule and be aware of my surroundings."


"I would like to replace all of my missing buttons AND create my very own victory garden."

Nathaniel F.H. Burgundy IV

"I shall release my guilt, eradicate my fears & conquer my gas. Just kidding, I have no fears."

Gene R. Corduroy

"More coffee, and more cookies from Pinwheel. Less chemicals in the bathroom. More drawings. More naked drawings. Less computing. More movies/films. Less reruns. More walking the willows. Less bird-is-the-word. More gestures. More jest."

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